It is hard to keep the news of recent events from Alegra. Whether I like it or not this is the world we are living in right now, and she needs to process what is happening as much as we do. But in the days after the Reina attack my heart was heavy when she turned to me and asked,

“Mommy, was this attack one with long guns like in the Airport, or one with bombs like at the stadium??”

That my children are more than priviledged is a fact that I never underestimate. That their lives are filled with love and joy is something of which I am certain. That I would never want for them to be anything other than global citizens who know the world, and more importantly care about others is a non-negotiable aspect of their upbringing. That we would be given the choice to introduce these concepts in a way that is safe and not the stuff of nightmares was also something I had always assumed as a given.

These questions will inevitably continue, and we will do our best to answer.

our new normal…

This is definitely becoming our new norm. How do you shield your child from this news when a bomb goes off four miles from your home? Alegra knows all about the bombing last night. Asya was at the Swissotel, 100 yards away, with a friend. This is their world right now. Alara has nothing to say but who knows what is going on inside her head right now. The notion of “emergency money, an emergency flashlight, or a safe space” has become a part of our daily lives.