what a summer!!

i saw a backdated post about a child’s birthday on a blog that i follow and absolutely adore called somewhere slower and i thought it was one of the most tasteful, and genius, ways of dealing with the inevitable lapses in time and organization that comes with the territory of raising young children.

last summer was one of the busiest we have ever had! alara had a huge exam to mark the end of middle school, asya’s whole summer program suddenly shifted from attending riding competitions in europe to attending a summer program at georgetown university in dc, we had planned a number of family trips to the boat and to the states, alegra went to sleepaway camp for the first time, my sister had a baby…and in the midst of all this, we had birthdays and  important graduations to celebrate! and so, despite my best intentions consistent bloggin was just simply not in the cards!

so rather than trying to go back and remember exactly what was going on, i’ve decided to share a whole range of photos from our very busy and very exciting summer…each has a caption and a date in case you are wondering exactly where in the world we were at that moment or which celebration is featured in each shot. while i can’t say that i hope things aren’t this exciting next summer, i do hope that i can make a bit more time to document all our adventures a bit better next time around.

so there is a recap of all the celebrating…. and now for a quick round up of our travels…

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