creating with toilet rolls!!

who knew that toilet paper was so important?!! well, we all know now, that’s for sure! and if you, like most of us, went out and bought a whole bunch before social distancing measures started then i bet you have more than enough material to complete this fun, easy and colorful project!

the weather this week in istanbul has been terrible; cold and wet and downright depressing.  so, we really needed a bit of color.  with our mornings and early afternoons occupied with e-lessons and schoolwork tasks to be completed we needed some relaxing art to help fill the dreary afternoons…

these toilet roll sculptures are super easy; smaller children will need help with cutting the rolls into small circles, but many children can actually complete the whole project unassisted. we painted our sculpture with watercolors, but any type of child-friendly paints will do.


  • square of cardboard for the base
  • lots of toilet rolls
  • scissors
  • liquid glue
  • paints (and a water cup, if necessary)
  • paintbrushes


  • cut the toilet rolls into as many pieces as you’d like- make some thinner and some thicker for a varied look
  • using lots of glue, stick the toilet rolls to the cardboard base
  • continue “building” your sculpture adding more rolls to the top and sides
  • allow the glue to dry fully- we left ours to dry overnight
  • paint each separate toiler roll and then the cardboard base- there is no right or wrong- we decided on rainbow colors with a black base; but the sky’s the limit when it comes to color!!

(you might find that a second coat of paint helps to make the colors extra vibrant)

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