painting and printing on a rainy day…

after a whole week of beautiful sunny spring weather, we are actually kind of enjoying a slightly cooler rainy day today. 

we knew the weather was going to change so we saved a whole bunch of indoor activities for today… we’re planning on baking, doing some fun and easy art activities, and working on our concert pieces for piano.

here is a super easy art activity that uses household objects… all you need is a big sheet of paper and some different colored paints. there is no right or wrong way to do this; so just gather your materials and have some fun!


  • large sheet of white paper
  • one paintbrush
  • different colored guache or tempera paints
  • any objects you would like to use for printing
  • paint dishes (paper plates work well)


  • choose one color and paint the whole sheet of white paper in that color
  • allow the paint to dry slightly
  • using different objects and different colors, print shapes all over the paper
  • trying to stick to a pattern is fun; or you can just go wild with printing!
  • allow all the paint to dry completely
  • you can use your printed paper to write postcards or as wrapping paper

send us pictures of your printing-

email OR @strongrootswildwings on instagram

we’d love to see it and repost on instagram!

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